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The DGP (the German Respiratory Society e.V.) is a nonprofit organization. For over 100 years, we have been working continuously and successfully to improve the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. For many years our primary focus was on tuberculosis. But since the 1960s, other widespread diseases such as asthma, COPD, pneumonia, and lung cancer have made pulmonology what it is today: the third pillar of internal medicine, along with cardiology and gastroenterology. As a medical association, our aim is to promote science, research, education, prevention, treatment, care, and rehabilitation in the field of pulmonology and respiratory medicine. We develop and support the implementation of guidelines and recommendations, publish the scientifically accredited journal “Pulmonology”, and organize the largest annual congress for pulmonology in the German-speaking world, which is also an important forum for exchange across professions. Fostering cooperation between researchers, doctors in hospitals and private practice, and other medical professionals in the field of pulmonology is as much a focus of our association as is promoting young talent. Beyond these scientific and professional aspects, we also see it as our responsibility to represent the interests of the field of pulmonology and to educate the general public on its societal and political significance. We act as a competent partner for policymakers, health organizations, and federations in all questions surrounding pulmonology and respiratory medicine. The DGP also cooperates with patient organizations and other professional associations in order to bolster its positions and effectiveness.