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Forschungspreise der DGP

Preisträger 2019

Beste klinisch-therapeutische Arbeit 2019

Dr. med. Mirjam Stahl, Heidelberg

Präventive Inhalation of Hypertonic Saline in Infants with Cystic Fibrosis (PRESIS): A Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Study.

Grundlagenforschung - Beste wissenschaftliche Arbeit 2019

Wenguang Yin, Ph.D., Bad Nauheim/GieĂźen

The potassium channel KCNJ13 is essential for smooth muscle cytoskeletal organisation during mouse tracheal tubulogenesis.

Preisträger 2018

Beste klinisch-therapeutische Arbeit

Dr. med. Katrin Milger-Kneidinger, MĂĽnchen

Identification of a plasma miRNA biomarker signature for allergic asthma: A transition approach.

Dr. med. Jonas Schupp, Yale/Freiburg

Phenotypes of organ involvement in sarcoidosis.

Grundlagenforschung - Beste wissenschaftliche Arbeit

Dr. med. Natascha Sommer, GieĂźen

Mitochondrial Complex IV Subunit 4 Isoform 2 Is Essential for Acute Pulmonary Oxygen Sensing

Dr. Herbert M. Schiller, MĂĽnchen

Deep Proteome Profiling Reveals Common Prevalence of MZB I - Positive Plasma B Cells in Human Lung and Skin Fibrosis

Preisträger 2017

Beste klinisch-therapeutische Arbeit

Dr. med. Nikolaus Kneidinger, MĂĽnchen

Lung volumes predict survival in patients with chronic lung allograft dysfunction

Dr. med. Stefan Karrasch, MĂĽnchen

Health effects of laser printer emissions: A controlled exposure study

Grundlagenforschung - Beste wissenschaftliche Arbeit

Ph. D. Elie El Agha, Giessen

Two-Way Conversion between Lipogenic and Myogenic Fibroblastic Phenotypes Marks the Progression and Resolution of Lung Fibrosis

Preisträger 2016

Beste klinisch-therapeutische Arbeit

Dr. med. Benjamin Waschki, Hamburg

Disease Progression and Changes in Physical Activity in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Grundlagenforschung - Beste wissenschaftliche Arbeit

Dr. Ilona Elisabeth Kammerl, MĂĽnchen

Impairment of Immunoproteasome Function by Cigarette Smoke and in COPD

Preisträger 2015

Beste klinisch-therapeutische Arbeit 2015

Dr. med. Christine Happle & Dr. rer. nat. Nico Lachmann (Hannover)

Grundlagenforschung – Beste wissenschaftliche Arbeit 2015

Dr. Soni Savai Pullamsetti (Bad Nauheim)