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Welcome to the english website of the​​ German Respiratory Society (DGP e.V.)!

The DGP is a nonprofit organization. For over 100 years, we have been working continuously and successfully to improve the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. As a medical association, our aim is to promote science, research, education, prevention, treatment, care, and rehabilitation in the field of pulmonology and respiratory medicine.

Only some of our content and services are available in English.For more detailed information visit our german website

Due to regulations for the corona virus pandemic, the 61. congress of the German Respiratory Society has been postponed to 2021. Further information available soon.
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The DGP sponsors a number of scientific events: congresses, symposiums and workshops, further education programs, and other events in the areas of professional, health, medical, and scientific policy. If you have any questions about sponsorships or would like to enquire about sponsorship for your event, you can find out more here.

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Research, evaluation and social change
A symposium by the German Respiratory Society

audio and video of all presentations
listen to Bert Brunekreef, Francesco Forastiere,
Joel Schwartz, Stefan Rahmstorf,
Terry Tetley, and Marion Wichmann-Fiebig
on air pollution impact and methodology


“Academic freedom is the freedom to learn as much as one could ever want.” This quote by Rudolf Virchow describes one of the aims of the DGP: to work continuously to promote and improve training and education in the field of pulmonology.

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